Haixinsha AI Flower Market Welcomes Tomorrow

Looking for a different “nianwei” experience during this Spring Festival? Want to see Guangzhou’s “Internet Red” attractions? The AI ​​(Wisdom) Flower Market Carnival in Haixinsha, Guangzhou must not be missed!

In 2020, the “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers” ​​series of activities will continue to be “online” from January 21st to February 8th. Among them, the new and upgraded version of the AI ​​Flower Carnival, which combines traditional and modern elements and has a stronger flavor of science and technology, will officially welcome guests at 10 am on the 22nd. Yesterday, reporters from Guangzhou Daily took the lead in exploring the camp and presented ten highlights to tourists and citizens.

AI Flower Market Carnival Flagship Store

AI Flower Market

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Location: Haixinsha No. 3 Bridge Platform

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Time: January 22 to February 8, 10: 00-16: 00 (clearance at 16:30, 18: 00-20: 00 Haixinsha Arts and Crafts Carnival audience can enter the AI ​​Flower Market Carnival area with tickets)

Tickets: Free

Highlight one: 5G + AI ensemble technology fan flower market

This year, the AI ​​flower market has been upgraded to a carnival, and the technology in the flagship store has also been upgraded. What’s different about the Chinese New Year’s Day with a strong flavor of science and technology? According to the person in charge of the flagship store, China Unicom will bring a large number of 5G devices to tourists and citizens: try out 5G mobile terminals and interact with Huawei’s smart big screen; wear Unicom 5GVR glasses, and check out the eight scenes of Yangcheng in one stop.

There will also be a cello and violin ensemble at the event. What does this have to do with 5G? The person in charge introduced that this is a performance report on the teaching results of the 5G music remote open course. Through 5G technology, “distance-free perception” remote interaction is achieved to create music teaching in all time, all airspace and all audiences.

In the area of ​​intelligent robots, 56 excellent choice Wukong robots in national costumes will dance with songs such as “Happy New Year” and form a heart-shaped robot wall. They can interact with visitors, answer various questions from visitors, and identify thousands of flowers and plants in the flower market. Bring flowers to test them!

Highlight 2: Experience the culture of intangible heritage

This year’s AI Flower Market Carnival can also experience the beauty of traditional non-heritage. Haixinsha’s AI Flower Market Carnival will be based on the theme of “Non-legacy Culture”, and will introduce “New Age · New Folk Art” — “Flower City to See Flowers” ​​Special Exhibition of New Heritage Items, inviting citizens and tourists to AI Flower market experience non-heritage culture. While tasting traditional crafts, tourists will also have a “Spring Festival” on the tip of their tongues in the “Food in Guangzhou” food block, and taste the profound and long-standing food culture of Guangzhou.

Highlight 3: The Spring Gifts presented by the Master

I smell both flowers and books. There are a lot of special “Book Fragrant Corner” programs this year. In the morning of January 22, Lu Deping, president of the Guangzhou Society of Landscape Painting Research, will lead Yang Yi, Guo Ci, Chen Wei, Chen Guoliang, Chen Kaiyu, Lin Jinming, and Jian Yingbin to the Haixinsha AI Flower Market site to the general public. Tourists and citizens wrote the Spring Festival couplet on the scene and wrote “blessing”. Citizens have the opportunity to personally learn how to write couplets and “blessings” with teachers.

In the minds of citizens, which cultural landmark bookstores are the “most beautiful bookstores”? Earlier, the 24 Huacheng Cultural Landmark Bookstores and Innovative Bookstores that were selected as the most beautiful bookstores in Huacheng have been announced after several rounds of voting on the “New Flower City” client. On January 22, the hand-painted map of Huacheng Bookstore will be released in the “Book Fragrant Corner”. On January 31, the ten most beautiful bookstores jointly launched the Chinese New Year reading list, which is closely related to the theme of “love”. It will also be announced at the “Book Fragrant Corner”.

Highlight 4: Smart photo studio makes a blockbuster in one minute

逛 When visiting the flower market in the New Year, there is no beauty photo, how to send a circle of friends? The “AI Flower Market AI Shooting” intelligent future photo gallery in the AI ​​Flower Market flagship store can shoot “fashionable movies” without photographers. Tourists and citizens only need to “look in the mirror”, select three effects, click to shoot, and take three consecutive shots, choose favorite photos and magazine templates, and adjust the size and position of the photos. Within one minute, a large magazine can be taken. . You can also instantly get beautiful photos in paper and electronic versions to share with friends and relatives. It is reported that Haixinsha, Xiaomanyao, Yongqingfang, these three attractions have introduced intelligent shooting equipment.

In addition, the flagship store also has a “cool dog super K song machine”, equipped with 40 million genuine music library, integrated multiple functions, suitable for multiple scenes, making music “audible”, “seeable”, “singable” “Playable.”

Highlight 5: The first e-sports zone is more realistic

This year’s new e-sports zone in the AI ​​flower market introduced the world’s first MR holographic competitive game “Blaster” created by Netease Games. For the first time, this game seamlessly blends traditional shooting games with sci-fi holographic sports, allowing players to face-to-face in realistic scenes.

Staff told reporters that “Holographic Battlefield” can be understood as an e-sports version of “badminton” doubles. The reporter saw on the scene that four players wearing MR equipment, holding game guns, constantly moved, dodged, and snatched the “energy ball”.

In addition, there is another game “MR Children’s Museum” in AI Flower Market. The reporter put on the MR headset and immediately felt like being in the marine world. Through the vibrating gamepad, players can feel the touch of fish. According to reports, this game can be played by more than 20 people at the same time, which is suitable for a group of young and large friends to play.

Highlight 6: Tradition is also fashionable Paper carved lantern

This year, the AI ​​flower market has injected the vitality of youthful trends on the traditional basis, in order to fully demonstrate Guangzhou’s youthful urban temperament and a business atmosphere full of opportunities.

火花 When the traditional non-legacy paper carving craft meets the popular game IP, what spark will come out? The reporter saw at the scene that the 200㎡ fashion flower lantern exhibition area created by the social network game “Shenwu 4” under the TOY Network and the post-80s paper carving art master Wen Qiuwen has airborne to the AI ​​Flower Carnival. Cross-border creativity in three areas, including games, paper carving and traditional lantern crafts, injects youthful and trendy cultural elements into traditional lighting. The romantic, beautiful and fashionable “Yue Lao Temple” lantern festival, and the “Yue Lao Promenade” composed of 276 red lanterns can be regarded as the hottest New Year’s net red check-in point.

Highlight 7: The post office enters the flower market

2020 is the year of love. In the “Happy Post Office” of the AI ​​Flower Carnival, you can post New Year wishes, or write your wish on the Happy Wishing Wall and Happy Writings to cherish love. The stamp of the zodiac “Gengzi” designed by “Father of the Olympic Fuwa” Han Meilin will also accompany tourists to celebrate the New Year with the cute and lovely image of “Children Opening the Sky” and “Zhao Zhaofeng Year”. “Happy Post Office” will also issue special postmarks and stamp products for citizens to punch in.

The AI ​​Flower Carnival opened the first “Hear Flowers” ​​live broadcast room, inviting the famous “Voice of Music” host in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to lead the stars to live broadcast, and also cooperated with Huya, Kugou and other live broadcast platforms, and invited celebrities Be there to do a live broadcast with floral fragrance.

Highlight 8: Set up branches throughout the city

This year, in addition to the “Headquarters” at the AI ​​Xinhua Carnival in Haixinsha, it also set up “Branches” in Yongqingfang, Guangzhou Tower, Libo Plaza and other landmarks in the city and in the traditional flower markets in 11 districts.

Reporter saw that in the AI ​​flower market branch of Yongqingfang, a traditional Chinese New Year photo studio has been set up. Surrounded by festive annual flowers, red lanterns, red fireworks, and Chinese knots, there are elegant screens and two chairs and a table in the middle, waiting for tourists and citizens. In addition, the Smart Future Photo Gallery also entered the scene.

Highlight 9: The Flower City Is Idol

This year’s Spring Festival, a vibrato challenge called “Flower City Is Idol” is in full swing. This year’s Douyin Challenge not only has a strong Chinese New Year custom sticker to make the citizens shake their New Year’s wishes, but also gathered a number of celebrities and masters to participate in the video shooting. Open the Douyin app and search for the topic # 花城 很 Idol #. According to the rules of the challenge page, use the flower market stickers to shoot videos, or punch in to any flower market in Guangzhou to shoot videos, you will have a chance to receive rich prizes.

If you are visiting the flower market, don’t miss the AI ​​flagship “Flagship Store” in Haixinsha. There will be an exciting faceubot photo experience area on the scene. Bring your family and experience the new year of # 花城 很 Idol #. In addition, the organizer will invite travel, lifestyle and fashion experts to take pictures of the Guangzhou Flower Market, Food and Beauty Theme VLOG around the theme, and link the city’s expert accounts to share with major online social platforms, so that the majority of netizens who have not come to Guangzhou in person can You can “visit the flower market” online.

Highlight 10: Have new ideas every day, start a new year

The 2020 “Guangzhou New Year Flower City Watching Flowers” ​​campaign has been running for 19 days. The Haixinsha AI Flower Market Carnival and the Haixinsha Arts and Crafts Carnival will work together to achieve “every day’s highlights, new ideas every day”, and deliver a rich Chinese New Year event dinner for the citizens.

On the 28th of the year, well-known calligraphy and painting artists in the city came to write “blessings” and send Spring Festival couplets to the citizens; on the 29th of the year, young readers of the Guangzhou Daily learned flower arrangements from florists at the scene; in the 30th, four non-heritage masters were lucky couples and lovers Send non-heritage creations.

On the first day of the new year, Douyin will broadcast live on the first day of the Spring Festival of the AI ​​flower market. On the second day of the new year, Cantonese opera actors Lu Wenbin, Ge Ruijuan, Liang Wenchao and Wu Yunfei of Red Bean Theatre performed the “White Dragon Pass” and “Amazing Dreams in the Garden”. “Two short plays, the Cantonese opera big coffee will also teach young actors to sing Cantonese opera,” Southern Red Beans “blooming in Haixinsha; on the fourth day of the new year, the small reporter 5G reporting group came to the AI ​​flower market to understand the” black technology “behind Where’s it … Start a new year with a wonderful day to day.

Only three servings! Non-heritage Masters “Golden Dating” for New Year

January 24 is the non-heritage theme day of the AI ​​Flower Market Carnival. In addition to the non-heritage art week non-heritage cultural and creative product display link, there are also inheritors of the wide-color, wide-embroidered, and rugged non-heritage projects. Four non-hereditary inheritors Tan Guanghui, Guangxiu non-hereditary inheritor Tan Zapeng, Huang Minjian and his wife, Zhuang Zhaohong, non-hereditary inheritor Zeng Zhaohong were invited to this non-heritage theme day. They will bring non-heritage gifts specially made for the New Year 2020 and present them to three lucky lovers or couples who check in. Guangcai porcelain plates, wide embroidered scarves, and rugged carved ornaments imply rich blossoms, sweetness, and smooth sailing. Only three “master-made” gifts are in the AI ​​(Wisdom) Flower Market Carnival.


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Liuhua Lake Park, located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station, covers 5443,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive park with functions of sightseeing, entertainment and recreation. It was officially opened to the public in October 1959 and opened free from July 2009. Liuhua Lake is named for its historical site Liuhua Bridge of the Southern Han Dynasty in the northeast of the lake. Its water area accounts for two-thirds of the total area of the park. It is one of the four artificial lakes in Guangzhou. At present, it still retains the functions of flood storage, flood discharge and sewage regulation in Juma Yong.Liuhua Lake Park is characterized by subtropical scenery, mostly palms, figs, flowering shrubs and open lawns. The park is divided into three open areas: sightseeing rest area, entertainment area and flower and bird pot landscape appreciation area. The main attractions are Liuhua West Garden, Frankfurt Garden, Ludao and Rongyin amusement park, etc. more than 20. Liuhua West Garden is the birthplace of Lingnan bonsai, known as “Lingnan Bonsai Home”. The bonsai works nurtured by Liuhua West Garden have been given to the heads of state and government of Ethiopia, the Queen of England and other countries. It has won great prizes in all previous bonsai exhibitions at home and abroad. Under the careful management and construction of all previous Liuhua Lake people, the clean, tidy, safe and orderly park environment of Liuhua Lake Park has been recognized by all walks of life. It has been awarded the first batch of civilized parks in Guangzhou, the first batch of health organs in Guangzhou, the first batch of civilized and high-quality service demonstration parks in Guangzhou and civilized units in Guangzhou, and the first batch of healthy parks in Guangdong Province. Kang Promotes Demonstration Organizations and has won many honors at previous Guangzhou Garden Expositions. In 2017, the park successfully hosted the 23rd Guangzhou Garden Exposition and the 1st Guangzhou Azal